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Martin Malloy

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YOU'VE NEVER MET A COMIC QUITE LIKE MARTIN MALLOY. He is part Steven Wright, part Mitch Hedberg and part brain injury. Just about everything about him is a contradiction. His delivery is deadpan yet almost fast-paced. He speaks with a flat affect and his material is smart, dark and twisted. His act is self-deprecating but not mean spirited. His rapid-fire delivery of one-liners keeps his show at a breakneck pace yet it’s never hard to keep up. His subject matter bounces seamlessly from silly to serious and back again. He talks about his mental disorder and suicidal thoughts in the same breath as he talks about murdering cats and hating children. Yet somehow, he still comes off as likeable. The first time Martin performed stand up was at his high school graduation. As the class president he gave a commencement speech filled with jokes about his family life and one-liners that had the crowd roaring with laughter. He might have started a career in comedy back then, but as is so often the case, life took a few twists and turns first. In 1990 Martin was the victim of a hit and run accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. He still has the scars to prove it. He has since been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder which, if not a direct result of his injuries, was definitely exacerbated by them. He went to law school. He has a Masters of Public Administration. He was banned from Morgan Stanley for insider trading (though it was actually the voices in his head that gave him the winning stock picks). He won $50,000 in the lottery and blew it all on lottery tickets. He drives a buick century because he buys American and currently works at McDonalds. He is also bi-polar. Martin's comedy career is filled with many highlights. In 2005 he won Rookie of the Year at the Cleveland Comedy Awards. He was a two time finalist in the Carnival Cruise Comedy Challenge. He was a finalist at the Cleveland Comedy Festival and won Best Short joke of the Year at the 2019 Cleveland Comedy Awards. Additionally he has appeared at The Accidental Comedy Festival and Snubfest. He appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in a straight jacket and was on The Opie and Anthony show twice (as Schitzo Bill). He was even asked to appear on The Howard Stern Show. In a different world, Martin Malloy would be famous. And maybe one day he will be. But for now, he can settle for the local legend status he currently possesses. He has made a name for himself on the Cleveland comedy scene and his fans have taken notice. Whether it’s at a top club or a local open mic, he is bound to leave the stage as someone’s new favorite comic. Has he had a crazy life? Sure. This man is anything but ordinary. In a different life, maybe he would be a lawyer. Or a businessman of some sort. Maybe he would be married with kids and a two car garage. Instead, he is one of the best joke writers around. Life could be a lot worse. You can support Martins Comedy by sending some cash to Paypal and Venmo @Veryfunnycomedy. Your donations will allow me to buy a newer Ford Focus to get to further places to do comedy, pay for my Masters of Social Work degree at Cleveland State University (2nd masters degree) and hopefully help me buy a house in Cleveland, Ohio. Thank you for your support.
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