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Chip Nicholson


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They say, “When life hands you lemons make lemonade” Chip Nicholson was raised in San Diego California and at the age of 12 moved to Birmingham, Alabama. Quickly learning to love lemonade Nicholson used humor to bridge the gaps. Nicholson says he learned a lot “Growing up laughing with my mom at shows like Mad TV, SNL, In Living Color, All That, Def Comedy Jam, Martin, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, the Jamie Fox Show…. I’d watch these shows and knew I wanted to have that kind of something with those kinds of people… I just didn’t know how to get my foot in that door.” Until Nicholson found himself at his first open mic.. the moment after the last word, the last “Joke”, and the applause blurred into the bright lights and he says “I couldn’t stop smiling. Chills. and that’s when I knew. That door I had searched for my foot to get into, I had tripped through and fallen in love with Stand Up Comedy”. In the coming year Nicholson hopped from mic to mic doing 4-6 open mics a night. When there wasn’t a mic, Karaoke’s. Soon eyes turned to LA after graduation he moved up. Chip was living the life - out of the car, the first couple months in LA.. It was a rough Black History Month. Nicholson says “Comedy isn’t as convenient as it is charming, but that’s what’s fun about journeys.” Chip Nicholson has lived a life of paradox that would be crazy not to laugh along with. Now in Los Angeles, Chip Headlines his happy go lucky style from Calgary Canada to Nashville Tennessee. Recently winning 2019’s top Finalist of the San Diego Comedy Festival, 2019’s Best of Fest Winner of Arizona’s Big Pine Comedy Festival and accepted into the 2020 Boston Comedy Festival Chip is working hard, to share some lemonade!
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