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Set length: 4 mins + 2 mins feedback
List cap: 12 comics
Run time: 90 mins

Show off your GOLD STANDARD! Step up to the mic and deliver your BEST 5 minute set to two touring professionals and get the feedback you need to tighten it up! Thatโ€™s right โ€“ Itโ€™s the Gold Mic โ€“ the place to bring your best material!

Hosts, Richard Chassler and Claude Stuart have 60 years of comedy experience between them. Together they will watch your best five-minute set and give you the feedback you need to polish it up and make it shine like gold! NO new material, no taking chances โ€“ we want to see your best!

Donโ€™t miss your chance to have two working professional critique your set and help you get it where it needs to be!

Gold Mic was created by Joli Rx and Rich Chassler.

**NOTE: The next Gold Mic has not yet been scheduled. The comics displayed on this page are in the Hall of Fame for attending the MOST Gold Mics in the 2020-2022 Seasons. Check back for news about our new 2022-2023 schedule! **

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