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Ahoy Then!

Thank you for reviewing your photos in the Rampantly virtual comedy machine.

Please use the login bar above to log in to your account.


Once you have logged in, you can review media content that you have contributed to media archive. You may choose to add further details or delete your media. Please review your media by August 1. 

Review media now

The Rampantly virtual comedy machine is the collective media database of the Rampantly live digital comedy magnet and comprises the living history of the World Comedy Foundation. Every time you upload a photo or video to the World Comedy Foundation website, it will continue to become apart of this media archive, which is expressed in real time on web pages across the internet, as well as across a decentralized mobile web allowing cell phones to tune in to live comedy in real time in every major city on the globe.

This website is 99% member-generated. To become a member, you must adhere to the World Comedy Foundation guiding principle of comedy for common good. 

Creating a member account is free to the public and allows you to access local venue pages and list to perform on shows represented here. You can represent your shows here and expand your show's repertoire to encompass participatory media. 









Becoming a paid, contributing member allows you to maintain a landing page for yourself and/or your live or virtual mic here, as well as upload your own feature show dates to your website.


What happens when I upload a show date?

Uploading a show date adds it to the Current page of your member website. It also cross-posts it to the RAMPANTLY Current at the footer of every local Laugh Map page. Further, if other comedians upload the same tour date to their current, their member websites will display on your show date's CURRENT page. 

To promote your comedy, you can direct them to your show date's CURRENT page. Here, they can find quick and easy links to buy tickets, view venue information (sponsored by Laugh.Social), and discover information about your show, including a member-generated show gallery. I know. We think of everything. ;D


We want to encourage comedians to engage their audiences, because we think this is how they can build fame. Got it? When you lead your audience back to your World Comedy Foundation website, your Laugh.Social show page, or your Rampantly CURRENT show listing page, they get to keep experiencing you as an entertainer, even after the show is over? Get it? We make your media dynamically engaging and connect it to your fellow entertainers in a way that allows you to add new media to your show's repertoire. It's a funny little thinng.


On your website, your audience can do a host of things, including contact you, learn about you, leave you a review (which you can choose to display on your website's testimonials page), or follow you and join your mailing list. They can also discover your past shows in your Current archive and find their way into even further discovery about comedy clubs and scenes, and other performers. Globally. 

Because why not, right?

We own the media. 


Your show pages also consolidate dates uploaded by other members to display dynamic feature show lists on each show page. Producers can add as many acts as they like to their show listings, displaying this show info on those acts' member websites. These tools are designed to be shown to audience members to further engage them in the culture of your show. Your Backstage underground allows you to see public submissions made to your website, including email capture, booking inquiries, and reviews and testimonials (we just recently added these). 


Being a free member also allows you to access the 

Show pages consolidate show lists from member submissions, generating dynamic participatory media for the host to run the show and for the audience to tune in to the show and discover its talent.


Member websites are $40/yr or $5/mo. Activating a mic through a one-time donation of any amount adds that mic to its city's Laugh page. Laugh pages are accessible at[cityname]. You can also link in to them via their Facebook Laugh page. Creating a Producer account for an annual donation of $99/yr or $15/mo allows you to list your shows live on this website and host sign-ups here on a website made for your show. Yeah, seriously dudes!!! Cool beans right? You can also access the WCF Hosting app to manage your show's list and directly access performer information. These tools are all available in the Rampantly Underground. Click the word "Underground" anywhere to take you there.


In the Underground, Rampantly members who donate $40/yr or $5/mo will be able to access and update all of the data that represents you on these public comedy websites. You will also be able to communicate with fans who submit forrms on your website (yes, the or ones) that display your public data on the World Comedy Foundation mobile web.

It's all here, folks!

Seriously! Want some ice cream?

At the present moment, the URL of the mobile web home pages is your choice of:[yourslug][yourslug][yourslug]

These pages are all public. You can use these URLs on your social media accounts in place of your Link.tree. Yes, that's right, we designed a more sophisticated version of Link.tree called Sexy.Town but you can have Comedy.Foundation instead if you want. Le Freak, Trés Chic? ;D



 allowing you to utilize the platform as a marketing tool to capture your audience's data and retain their stake in this production platform. See how #wegotyourback ;D ?

When you subscribe to the World Comedy Foundation as a producer, you can now run your mic's lists through your city's Laugh page and also access the meme machine for yourself and your acts.

The meme machine is an auto-generated promotional photo instantaneously customized for your show. Becaus we're flipping magical. 

And we need your support.

BGrabbing a three-year membership now actually lets you be on the board of advisory for future developments on the website. We are only taking 100 members for this opportunity. Become a member now by donating $120 to the World Comedy Foundation on Paypal.

Now for the reason we brought you here!

We would like you to kindly review these photos of yourself that are already apart of the living history of the World Comedy Foundation media archive, either because it was uploaded by you when you registered to participate in a Rampantly show from 2020-2022 or because you were given a spec version of a member website as a thank-you for your contribution to our previous programming or for volunteering in some way, or because you earned a World Comedy Foundation website upon merit through their BFF sponsorship program.

It's all here. 

Anyhoosiers, Can you Please review the following photos of yourself that have been saved through your own Rampantly member registration from 2020-2022? There are a few things you can do with them. Firstly, you can choose to delete them forever! Mwah! Mwah hah! Mwah hah hah!



For member record, here are the Instagram partner accounts that at present have an MOU with the World Comedy Foundation to repost and credit World Comedy Foundation member social media content. 


 Link your photos to the venue in which they were taken to instantly display those pictures on their Laugh.Social venue pages with link-backs to your member website.

Click here to contribute toward your own member account. 

You can also include photo captions, in which every club named will also display an ongoing live photo gallery. This platform is a participatory engagement engine to collectively represent indie comedy everywhere and return the #laughtertothepeople.


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