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Kerry Day was born in Louisville, KY in the early 50s, Kerry’s family moved to Montreal, Canada, and then Duncan, OK, in time for Kerry to begin his education at the Sacred Heart School. This school provided very individual attention from Kindergarten until graduation from the 8th grade. Sacred Heart was so small each classroom accommodated two grade levels instead of one. He graduated from Sacred Heart with a class of seven other students. For the 9th grade, Kerry moved on to a much larger population at Duncan Junior High School. While still adjusting to the crowds, the Day family again pulled up stakes and moved to Tulsa, OK which, at the time, was know as the oil capital of the world. Kerry returned to a parochial Catholic education by enrolling in Bishop Kelley High School. Upon successful completion of Bishop Kelley High School, Kerry moved on to Oklahoma State University where he majored in the lucrative Political Science degree program as well as completing the Air Force ROTC program and a commission as an Air Force 2nd Lt. Upon reporting for his first active-duty assignment at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, on his 22nd birthday, the most significant event of his life occurred. After completing his processing that first day he was introduced to the officer in charge of that unit, 1st Lt Ed Machon. For Kerry, it was love at first sight – Ed took a little longer. Apparently, the USAF saw the inevitability of the match before either of the young lieutenants did which began a journey across three continents. Ed got reassigned and the two men said good bye not expecting to see each other again. Ed was reassigned to Thailand where, shortly before he left, he found out Kerry was to be his replacement. They exchanged correspondence about the assignment but Kerry arrived the day after Ed’s departure to parts unknown. Both being personnel officers, Kerry was assigned Ed’s job, his quarters and all additional duties. When Kerry was being reassigned, his first choice to stay in Asia was denied because there were no positions available. His second choice to stay overseas was approved but there was only one available assignment available in rural Germany. Kerry soon got a letter from Ed again explaining that’s where he had gone and was again offering to make Kerry’s transition easier. Upon arrival, the two men quickly cemented a strong friendship and within six months on the 17th of July, 1976, they began their long adventure together which continues today. After Germany the two moved to England where Kerry received a MA in Guidance and Counseling from Vanderbilt University in preparation for leaving the military. After six years overseas, Kerry moved to Dallas to prepare the way for Ed to be reassigned. Jump starting a civilian career, Kerry pursued jobs as a professional counselor. Within a short period of time, it became clear that the positions were not highly valued by their employers. Thus, a sales and marketing career was born. For the significantly higher pay, the same skills applied. Except for a short period working on a special project in Rhode Island, Dallas became home. In his marketing career he spent much of his time traveling and making presentations to insurance companies, unions, large employers and third-party administrators. After 29 years living in a committed relationship, Ed and Kerry married in Provincetown, MA, on July 16, 2005. Although marriage provided additional security to the couple, it had no impact on the relationship which was unchanged by the updated legal status. Retiring early, Kerry soon discovered life as a retiree was a little too peaceful and went he decided to pursue work opportunities that seemed like they might be fun. He started a company that provided contracting services for home remodeling. When the real estate market started a significant downturn, Kerry cycled through a series of retail job because, although the pay was low, the interactions with customers and other employees gave him the opportunity and ideas to work on writing and comedy. Kerry came to comedy late in life. Although he had always been the office jokester, he began developing a comedic voice while working in a retail environment entertaining customers and employees alike. He experimented with word patterns and different presentation styles. Finally he walked away from the working world for a last time and took his first Stand Up Comedy class in early 2018. Ed and Kerry have one son that is one of their greatest sources of pride and happiness. Through their son they have two grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Ed has a brother in Rhode Island who lives with his wife of many years. Kerry has two sisters, one in Oklahoma City, OK and one in Addison, TX. Kerry is the only one of the three with a husband.
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Kerry Day

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