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Joli built the World Comedy Foundation so that comedians everywhere could collectively self-represent and generate their own global media network. You're currently viewing a talent page on the World Comedy Web. There are lots of other kinds of pages and tools here, and many other entry-points into the platform depending on how you use it. If you'd like a website like this or know someone who might, click the World Comedy Foundation logo to access our home page, where you can discover more. And if you know anyone who might benefit from these services, or perhaps a very rich and altruistic humanitarian philanthropist, please share this with them. She would like to make this platform free but is still seeking funding. Thanks. Joli believes the human voice is the one free tool we all have, yet few adequately use. She hopes to do what she can to give comedians an easier go at saving the world together. Joli is passionate about expanding public access to free speech through comedy everywhere. You can reach out to her via her Contact page. Here's her biography. Joli began her career nearly decades ago as a teacher in the city of Philadelphia. In 2018, after dreaming of becoming a comedy writer for years and years, Joli opted to take up digital nomadism so she could perform around the country. From there, she tried her best to apply the creative principles she'd been teaching children to instead build some kind of whopper that could benefit everyone. She soon innovated her way into applied theories of collective representation and participatory engagement at the forefront of 21st century new media entertainment, and here we are. (This is just the beginning.) How did she get here? The following is a majorly abridged version of her life story. Stay tuned for the cinematic masterpiece. Joli was born a double Aquarian coonass on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Her parents were two sporty hotties from Ohio who had been meddling together since middle school. By the time she was five weeks old, Joli was riding with the Krewe of Sparta at Mardi Gras! Some would say she peaked here... They'd be right! A proper Drew Barrymore meets E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, stuffed senseless on Twinkie cream. It's where she gets her big forehead. Our young grasshopper enjoyed a childhood pogo-sticking around the master-planned oil suburbs of The Woodlands, Texas, playing pogs with her own shadow, and inviting her crushes to eat bark sandwiches in the woods. She also remembers having two brothers in there at some point. In 1995, Joli's family defected from the globalist petrochemical stranglehold and burrowed down in Amish-adjacent Chocolatetown, USA. Here, whilst dressed as Ghoulardi, Joli lip-synched Bird is the Word by the Butthole Surfers in front of the whole 3rd grade. Meanwhile, her first and future husband was 23 and working in a timber mill. Ain't it quaint? As a girl, Joli enjoyed watching the Simpsons while gazing out her own bedroom window at the smokestacks of the nearby Three Mile Island nuclear facility. After cross-dressing her haunted Howdy Doody puppet as an Aunt Jemima doll, Joli wore its clothes herself in her 5th grade breakout role as the smallest tap-dancing country singer, lip-synched Patsy Cline's "Crazy," She was nothing if not hellbent in her performative whimsicality. Joli began producing comedy in middle school. First, it was spoof commercials on her camcorder, followed by, among other things, a sock puppet interview with George Washington Carver. Later, in high school, Joli was voted Young Woman of the Year by her town, yet somehow never learned to take care of her car. That's life before YouTube, kids! After heading to to art school in the City of Brotherly Love, Joli began spending summers teaching aesthetics, public art and museum studies in New Haven. She also enjoyed enrolling in and promptly disavowing the archaic pedantry of various teacher training programs as she fashioned her own fringe pedagogies into enrichment curricula for children of all ages. A handful of years later, in 2011, after scoring 12 points against the Harlem Wizards, Joli wrote her first sitcom while driving jet bridges in an overnight blizzard at the Philadelphia International Airport. It wasn't long before she hit the stand-up stage on South Street as the only woman on the list at the now defunct Lickety Split. In 2014, Joli promptly tabled her stand-up to be wed, but she soon took up improv and sketch-writing at the Philly Improv Theater and ComedySportz and later studied red nose clown and devised theater at the Pig Iron School under Emmanuelle Delpech. Joli went on to enjoy a career as an art museum educator; an instructor and advisor of curricula in public arts, aesthetics, and theater; an elementary, middle, and high school art teacher; and a director of interdisciplinary arts- and theater-integrated camps and enrichment programs for Philadelphia school children. In 2018, Joli became a full-fledged digital nomad, moving first to Austin, Texas, where she started her first company and resumed her study of stand-up comedy. The next few years, she traversed the country to all corners in every which way, including taking nearly every Amtrak line coast to coast, driving from Austin to Fairbanks, and living in Austin, Eugene, Los Angeles, California, and Oberlin, Ohio, where she produced more than 600 underground comedy shows from 2020-2022. Joli is now back in Philly, where you can find her voice acting, storytelling, and producing comedy as the World Comedy Foundation, the Rampantly comedy network, and the Laugh Social network. Joli would like to thank her friends and mentors who fostered her creative and qualitatively philanthropic ambitions, her co-producers, talent and volunteers including Aaron Ring, David Parsons, Ray Powers, Andrew Ferrara, Adam Coonen, Dani Riedel, Kristine Knowlton, and Carol Newell, her parents Jon and Lindi, and especially Eddie Pepitone and Rich Chassler for their contributions to the greater good. laughter to the people. :) (;
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