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Hugh Kelly, who has performed improvisational comedy at places such as the venerated Second City, the well-known Washington Improv Theater, and Laugh Factory Chicago. Mr. Kelly also recently co-authored "How To Write Funnier” with the famous Scott Dikkers, founder and longtime editor of The Onion, the quintessential humor publication. Mr. Kelly has a forthcoming humor essay collection coming out in the fall about navigating life after demented, fucked up ass relationships. Mostly, the book is about his relationship with Popeyes Chicken. Mr. Kelly is also a talented impressionist who has performed at Eastville Comedy and The Peoples Improv Theatre in NYC. He got into comedy for the pussy, and, if you so consent to, welcomes you hurling your panties up at him on the virtual stage. Mr. Kelly was born in a suburb of Washington, D.C. He also was born on the exact day that the massively popular television show, Cheers, aired its series finale. Did you know that 80 million people watched the series finale of Cheers? Yeah, 80 million people. So from day one, no one gave a shit about Hugh. Mr. Kelly also grew up around batshit, crazy white people and the ooey goey comfort food of the 2002 D.C. sniper blowing a man’s head off at a Sunoco gas station one mile from Hugh’s childhood home. Hugh’s psychiatrist believes these three incidents were the seeds that drove him to a life of comedy. Throughout his 20’s, Hugh has also worked in advertising at various tech companies such as Yelp and other social media giants. People often ask, tell Hugh “oh you’re a comedian? Comedians are so crazy!” And that always makes Hugh chuckle because you haven’t truly metabolized crazy until you’ve heard a tech bro talk about…literally anything. Hugh would like to thank his family, Paul Mooney, himself, Oprah Winfrey, himself again, 30 Rock, Sativa, himself for a third time, The New York Knicks, Black Women, Silence of the Lambs, himself for a fourth but definitely not final time, the pandemic for unleashing the power of introverts onto the world, and finally, himself.”
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Hugh Kelly

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