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Danny Dechi has been a part of the San Francisco comedy scene since 2021. Always performing clean comedy and is known as the world’s only pencil musician. Danny has been producing and hosting shows at various venues for many years. Danny Dechi’s stand-up comedy humor, most often directed at himself, is a hilarious combination of clean comedy & a unique #2 pencil musical act. Danny is the author of the hilarious book: “I Didn’t Want to Pay for a Rent-A-Car“. Danny was also inducted into the 24th edition of Who’s Who in the East. He consistently performs on a wide variety of Zoom shows, including on Rampantly, and continues performing on current online comedy shows. Danny performed on the New Gong Show and the Late Late Show with James Corden. Danny arrived to the Bay Area from Argentina when he was only 6 years old. (My grandfather moved to Argentina because he heard America is a land of opportunity. Unfortunately, he had the wrong America.) The experience of growing up in San Francisco has warped him forever – he’s been an enthusiastic element of San Francisco’s weird and wonderful entertainment scene, including performing for the celebrated Annual San Francisco Comedy Day in 2011. His Blinky the Rock God character showed up at open mics, the comedy stages and underground theater (Popcorn Anti-Theater), and soon Danny was performing (as Blinky, himself & Howard Stone’s Show One Man Orchestra) all over the Bay area several times per week, including such classic comedy clubs as Punchline, Purple Onion, Rooster T. Feathers, Throckmorton Theatre, and the up-and-coming-ones, such as the San Francisco Tommy T’s club and The Comedy Station. Danny's one-man comedy play premiered in late August 2009 at the Comedy Station in San Francisco.He can perform any tunes, from rock-n-roll to classical pieces, by drumming a #2 pencil on his cheek, and is considering recording his first musical CD. Currently, Danny Dechi performs his stand-up and musical act throughout the Bay Area and hosts several Comedy Showcase and Open Mike rooms, as well as a comedy Talk Show, Radio Ha-Ha at FCC-Free Radio. Danny acted in several theater plays with the San Francisco Free Civic Theatre (theater group), and has appeared in TV commercials (the latest one for the San Francisco Giants.) His hilarious semi-autobiographical book “I Didn’t want to pay for Rent-A-Car" can be found on XXXXX. His website also has Fun Facts from Mr. Science.
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Danny Dechi

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