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Audra Sisak, stage name Polite Kitty, is a comedic storyteller by nature. They tell about their life experiences as an autistic, disabled superparent with epilepsy, raising kids, hyper fixations, and dysfunctional family fun. A brilliant style of entertainment that leaves an audience participating and laughing! They work full time as a performer, host, comedian, storyteller, and actor. Performed with Story Collider, 7 Stories, Open Mic Collective PNW, Geeky Comedy Seattle, A Street Pub, Jules Mae Saloon, Gin and Tonic, and more!! When Polite Kitty is not on stage, they enjoy time with family and fur babies (7 dogs and 7 cats). They also love gardening, reading, music, dancing, binging favorite TV shows on repeat, comedy, improv, 1950’s look, frogs, mermaids, and making others feel good about themselves. Most relatable animal is a Manul Cat. They have two sons, 10 and 19 years old, and lives in a home with their parents as a community. They were probably a hippie in another life.
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Audra Sisak

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