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Aaron Ring is a comic, producer and award-winning writer. He is the host of The Blue Annex, a writing lab where he helps comics strengthen their material. He also produces and hosts the Nice Guys Show. Aaron has been dabbling in comedy since forever. He was a founding member of the Brandeis University sketch group Boris's Kitchen, now in its 35rd year. Aaron's work has been been featured on both sides of the Atlantic—on stage, screen, radio and in print—including the McSweeneys anthology Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans. In his fake life, he is a creative director at a small ad agency. After 30 years in New York, Aaron now resides in Northampton, Massachusetts, where he can be maximally woke and nobody gives a shit. He still visits his soul in NYC once a month and will continue to do so as long as the courts allow.
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Aaron Ring

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