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On our official live stream.

List to perform in a digital show and help us raise money for the World Comedy Foundation! What does the World Comedy Foundation do? Keep clicking around to find out ;D

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Join the Annals of the original Internet Comedians.

Getting our act together since 2020. The original RAMPANTLY mic and flagship show of what has grown to become the World Comedy Web.

Where #laughtertothepeople was invented. 

Someone has to! The rules of ComedAy! are simple--Check in to the Zoom 10+ minutes early. Stay for your entire two-hour slot.  Come with material, media, virtual backgrounds, and anything more you need to make comedy. Time in the room will be devised, with the default structure of 5 minutes of floor time for each act, and a rotating list. See various show descriptions for additional thematic notes and guidelines. List order will be determined by slot host. The World Comedy Foundation reserves the right to mix in pre-recorded content, including but not limited to promotion of the World Comedy Foundation and its affiliates, interviews, roundtables, and pre-recorded content (special cases only!). ComedAy! media will be rigorously promoted and publicly live-streamed across social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.


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Generic Rainbow Factory Header Background Brand Identity for Rampantly Virtual Comedy Mach

We think you're the best!

We think you're the best...

...So we put you

in charge!*



We're having a contest to see who can combine the above graphics to make the sweetest Summer 2024 header for the World Comedy Web. Download the logos here and do with them what you will!

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no longer

a doubt in

the world.

RAMPANTLY is the battle cry of the comedy revolution. Comedy for common good and laughter to the people! If you can get down with that, you belong in the World Comedy Foundation's free member community. 

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Comedian? Producer? Join here.

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