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Rosa Parks

By Azarri

I was raised in Montgomery. When I was growing up, I faced discrimination and I wondered when will I get freedom from it. It was hard growing up in those times, I am glad it is not like that anymore.

I was working at a local department store before l got on the bus.I got where I'm standing today by trying my best & being the best person I can be. My mission was to be an amazing role model. I worked for everyone to be able to sit anywhere on the bus.
I sat down and after a few stops an white Man got on the bus. the man told me to get up but I refused to get out of my seat then the man yelled it.The bus driver came and told me to get up or Ill call the police,I stayed in my seat.As the bus driver said he called the police.The police came and I was arrested I was there for a few hours then I was released.

By Azarri

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