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"If one person in a thousand criticized me while all others cheered, I didn't hear the cheers"

Dorothy Dandridge

The day was March 30, 1955 and I was a nominee. I became an overnight sensation. At the 1955 Oscar ceremony I was nominated as the best actress. I was the first African American woman to be nominated. I was born in 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio. My mom is Ruby Dandridge and my sister's name is Vivian. My mom created a sing and dance act for my sister and I, we were called the wonder children. During the great depression work dried up for us. My mom moved us to Hollywood, California where she found steady work and in 1930 I attended Mckinley Junior High school. My sister and I were renamed the Dandridge sisters in 1934. we continued for several years and we were booked in several high profile New York clubs. I was first on TV when I was 13 years old, in a comedy short and was in multiple other screenings. I continued to earn recognition through continuing my nightclub performances nationwide. So slowly yet surely I became famous and got my Oscar for best actress.

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I think one thing that’s going well in humankind is that it’s more equal than before but like there’s not really a lot to talk about since the year just started. Life improved significantly since the time of our ancestors because we have more complex technology and we don’t have anymore segregation. I think there’s still too much unfairness, poverty and inflation.
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