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Semaj GW

Conrad Welder

Foundry Owner


Building blocks made from clay or concrete, essential for construction.


Raw material mined for the production of iron and steel.


Construction material for concrete, glass production, and landscaping.


A fossil fuel used for heating, electricity generation, and industrial processes. Provides a reliable and relatively inexpensive source of energy but contributes to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions when burned.


Fasteners used to join materials together, such as wood or metal.


Instruments used for specific tasks, such as construction, repair, or crafting.


Tool used for driving nails, forging metal, and other tasks.


Rope: Thick cord made by twisting or braiding strands of fibers or wire together.


Substance used for coating, sealing, or crafting.


A foundry owner operates a foundry, where metals are melted and poured into molds to produce cast metal objects. They oversee the casting process, manage the foundry's operations, and ensure the quality of the castings produced.

Colonists can thank foundry owners for producing cast metal objects and components vital for colonial construction, transportation, and industrial applications.

Tools of the Trade

Crucible (container for melting metal)
Furnace or melting pot
Molds (sand molds, investment molds)
Casting materials (metal alloys, flux)
Ladles and pouring tools
Safety equipment (heat-resistant clothing, face shields)

Sights, Smells, Sounds

Sights: Furnaces glowing with molten metal, molds and patterns stacked against the walls, workers pouring metal into molds, finished castings cooling on racks.

Smells: The metallic tang of molten metal, the acrid scent of burning fuel, the faint aroma of oil and grease.

Sounds: The roar of furnaces, the clanging of metal on metal, the hiss of steam as molds are filled, the shouts of workers coordinating their efforts.


Colonial Foundry Works, owned by James Johnson, is a foundry located in Newport, Rhode Island, where metals are melted and cast into various shapes for colonial construction, transportation, and industrial applications.

Charleston Foundry Co., managed by Sarah Turner, is a foundry situated in Charleston, South Carolina, specializing in casting metal components for colonial ships and architectural structures.

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