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Johann Willm Welter



Building blocks made from clay or concrete, essential for construction.


Delicious fruit enjoyed fresh or processed into jams, pies, and beverages.


Calcium-rich mineral used in construction, agriculture, and chemical processes.


Measuring Tape: Flexible ruler used for measuring length or distance.

Measuring Tape

Hardwood prized for its strength and durability, used in furniture and barrel-making.


Offers installation, repair, and maintenance services for water and drainage systems, ensuring efficient and functional plumbing in buildings.


Sandpaper: Smooths surfaces by abrasion, preparing them for finishing or painting.


Windows: Openings in walls or roofs fitted with glass or other transparent material to admit light and air.


Seals joints or gaps in buildings or structures to prevent water, air, or pests from entering, ensuring weatherproofing and insulation.


Doors: Movable barriers used to close off entrances or exits to buildings or rooms.


Lumber: Wood that has been sawn and processed for use in construction or woodworking.


Building material used to bind bricks or stones together in construction.


Pitch: Sticky, black or dark brown substance obtained from petroleum or coal tar, used for waterproofing or sealing.


Rivets: Permanent mechanical fasteners used to join materials together.


Fasteners used to join materials together, providing strong and secure connections.


Cement: Binding agent used in construction for adhering materials together.


Level: Instrument for determining whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb).


Equipment used in the construction of structures from stone or brick.

Masonry Tools

Fasteners used to join materials together, such as wood or metal.


Hand tool used for shaping wood by shaving off thin layers.


Roofing: Materials and construction techniques for covering and protecting building roofs.


Instruments used for specific tasks, such as construction, repair, or crafting.


A builder constructs residential and commercial structures from the ground up. They interpret blueprints, coordinate construction crews, and ensure that projects are completed to high standards of quality and safety.

Colonists can thank builders for constructing homes, public buildings, and infrastructure essential for colonial expansion, urbanization, and societal development.

Tools of the Trade

Building materials (bricks, lumber, concrete)
Construction tools (hammers, saws, drills)
Safety equipment (hard hats, gloves, safety glasses)
Plans and blueprints

Sights, Smells, Sounds

Sights: Blueprints spread out on tables, construction workers assembling frames and laying foundations, cranes lifting materials, scaffolding surrounding a partially built structure.

Smells: The earthy scent of freshly turned soil, the sharp tang of sawdust, the faint aroma of paint and varnish.

Sounds: The whirring of power tools, the thud of hammers on nails, the buzz of saws, the shouts of construction workers coordinating their efforts.


Colonial Builders, operated by Joseph and Sarah Brown, is a construction company based in Williamsburg, Virginia, specializing in the construction of colonial-style homes and buildings.

New World Construction, owned by Thomas and Elizabeth Johnson, is a prominent building firm operating in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, undertaking construction projects for colonial settlers and businesses.

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