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Nickolas Linenberg



Building blocks made from clay or concrete, essential for construction.


Explosive substance used in firearms and explosives.


Fasteners used to join materials together, such as wood or metal.


Steel: Alloy of iron and carbon, known for its strength and durability.


Wood: Hard, fibrous substance forming the trunk and branches of trees, used as a building material.


Provides ammunition for firearms, ensuring protection and defense for individuals or military personnel in combat or hunting situations.


Tool used for driving nails, forging metal, and other tasks.


Protective Gear: Equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards or injuries in various activities, such as sports, work, or combat.

Protective Gear

Instruments used for specific tasks, such as construction, repair, or crafting.


Parts used in the assembly of firearms.

Gun Components

Raw material mined for the production of iron and steel.


Rope: Thick cord made by twisting or braiding strands of fibers or wire together.


Substance used for coating, sealing, or crafting.


A gunsmith is a highly skilled artisan who specializes in the design, assembly, repair, and modification of firearms. They work with a wide range of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and pistols, as well as antique and collectible weapons. Gunsmiths possess expertise in metalworking, woodworking, and firearm mechanics, ensuring the functionality, safety, and accuracy of firearms.

Colonists can thank gunsmiths for manufacturing and maintaining firearms crucial for hunting, self-defense, and military defense, ensuring colonial security and independence.

Tools of the Trade

Firearms components (barrels, receivers, triggers)
Gunstocks (wood or synthetic)
Metalworking tools (files, drills, lathes)
Finishing materials (bluing solutions, gun oil)
Gunsmithing manuals and reference materials

Sights, Smells, Sounds

Sights: Workbenches cluttered with gun parts and tools, gun barrels being rifled or engraved, stocks being carved and fitted, racks of finished firearms awaiting inspection.

Smells: The oily scent of gun lubricants, the sharp tang of gunpowder, the faint aroma of wood shavings.

Sounds: The clang of metal on metal, the whirr of machinery, the click of triggers being tested, the occasional shot fired for testing purposes.


Colonial Gun Works, owned by John Smith, is a gunsmith shop located in Williamsburg, Virginia, specializing in the manufacture, repair, and customization of firearms for colonial hunters, soldiers, and settlers.

Boston Armory, managed by Sarah Johnson, is a gunsmithing facility situated in Boston, Massachusetts, known for producing muskets, rifles, and pistols for colonial military and civilian use.

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