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Paulus Pool

Tea Shop Owner


Versatile material used for pottery, tiles, and decorative objects.


Drinking vessels for beverages such as water, tea, and coffee.


Napkins: Rectangular pieces of cloth or paper used for wiping the mouth and hands during meals.


Items such as plates, bowls, and utensils used for serving and eating meals.


Provides a vessel for steeping and serving tea, promoting the enjoyment of this popular beverage in social settings.


Chairs: Seats for one person, typically with a back and four legs for support.


Natural sweetener produced by bees, valued for its taste and health benefits.


Small dishes used for holding cups or for serving sauces and condiments.


Aromatic beverage made from dried tea leaves, enjoyed for its flavor and caffeine content.


Offers a convenient surface for serving or organizing items, enhancing efficiency and presentation in hospitality or domestic settings.


Essential for cooking and food preparation, available in various materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, and non-stick coatings.


Thick syrup produced during the refining of sugarcane or sugar beets, used as a sweetener and flavoring agent.


Strainer: Filters solids from liquids or separates particles of different sizes.


Tea Bags: Convenient method for brewing tea by steeping in hot water.

Tea Bags

A tea shop owner owns and operates a retail establishment specializing in teas. They curate a selection of teas, offer tastings, and provide expertise on tea brewing and culture. Their shop may also sell teapots, cups, and other tea-related products.

Colonists can thank tea shop owners for offering dedicated spaces where individuals could purchase and enjoy tea, promoting social engagement and community bonding.

Tools of the Trade

Tea inventory
Brewing equipment (tea pots, infusers)
Tea accessories (cups, saucers, spoons)
Furniture (tables, chairs, shelves)

Sights, Smells, Sounds

Sights: A cozy shop with shelves of tea canisters and accessories, tables set for tea tasting and sampling, a tea master offering guidance on tea selection, shelves of tea-related gifts and souvenirs.

Smells: The fragrant aroma of various teas, the subtle scent of herbs and spices, the faint tang of dried fruit or flowers.

Sounds: The rustle of tea leaves being measured, the clinking of cups and saucers, the hum of conversation among patrons, the occasional laughter of satisfied customers.


The Green Leaf Tea House, owned by Sarah Brown, is a quaint tea shop situated in the historic district of Annapolis, Maryland, serving freshly brewed teas and pastries.

Colonial Tea Room, operated by Thomas and Mary Johnson, is a charming tea shop located in the heart of Williamsburg, Virginia, known for its colonial-inspired decor and tea blends.

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