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Natural food coloring agent used in various food products, especially dairy.


Popular beverage enjoyed worldwide for its flavor and caffeine content.


Strong and malleable metal used in construction, manufacturing, and machinery.


Scale: Instrument or device for measuring weight or mass.


Natural wax produced by bees, used in candles, cosmetics, and woodworking.


Used for coloring fabrics, textiles, and other materials.


Essential tools for shaping and forming various materials, including metal, glass, plastic, and ceramics.
Used in manufacturing to create precise and consistent shapes for products like machinery parts, glassware, and confectionery.
Enable mass production and standardization of goods in industries ranging from automotive to food processing.


Substance used for coating, sealing, or crafting.


Provide light and ambiance, used for illumination and decoration.


Offers scented products such as perfumes, colognes, or essential oils, enhancing personal grooming or environmental ambiance.


Containers used for cooking, boiling, or storing food.


Facilitates the controlled burning of fuel in lamps, candles, or lanterns, ensuring steady illumination or heat.


A chandler specializes in making nad selling candles and related products as well as soap. They offer a variety of candles, including beeswax, tapers, and scented candles, as well as candle accessories such as holders, snuffers, and trimmers.

Colonists can thank chandlers for making candles and soap, supplying colonial communities with essential household items for lighting and cleanliness.

Tools of the Trade

Candle-making supplies (wax, wicks, molds)
Packaging materials (boxes, labels)
Display fixtures (shelves, racks)

Sights, Smells, Sounds

Sights: Rows of molds for making candles, vats of melted tallow or wax, workers dipping wicks into the hot wax, shelves filled with finished candles.

Smells: The warm, rich aroma of beeswax or tallow, the faint scent of fragrance oils or essential oils, the clean smell of freshly extinguished candles.

Sounds: The crackle of melting wax, the gentle splash as wicks are dipped into the wax, the occasional hum of conversation among workers, the clinking of molds being filled.


Charleston Chandler & Co., owned by James Parker, is a chandler shop located in Charleston, South Carolina, supplying colonial households with candles, soap, and other household goods.

Boston Chandler Works, managed by Sarah Davis, is a chandler workshop situated in Boston, Massachusetts, producing colonial candles and soap for domestic and commercial use.

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