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John Peter (X) Blom, Sr.



Source of knowledge, entertainment, and cultural heritage, crucial for education and literacy.


Ink: Pigmented liquid used for writing, printing, or drawing.


Paper: Thin material made from cellulose fibers, used for writing, printing, or packaging.


Type: Individual characters used in printing presses to create text.


Chairs: Seats for one person, typically with a back and four legs for support.


Manuscript: Handwritten or typed document, especially a literary or historical work.


Provides a versatile writing instrument for various applications, including writing, drawing, or sketching.


Typewriter: Mechanical device for typing text onto paper.


Desk: Provides a surface for work or study.


Periodical publications containing news, information, and opinion articles.


Offers a traditional writing tool for calligraphy, art, or formal correspondence, adding elegance and character to written communication.


A writer produces written content for various purposes, including books, articles, essays, and scripts. They research, draft, and revise text to inform, entertain, or persuade readers, expressing ideas and stories through written language.

Colonists can thank writers for creating literary works, essays, and articles that enriched colonial literature and intellectual discourse, shaping colonial identity and consciousness.

Tools of the Trade

Writing utensils (pens, pencils, paper)
Typewriter or computer for typing manuscripts
Research materials (books, articles, reference materials)
Publishing software or services for formatting and editing

Sights, Smells, Sounds

Sights: A writing desk cluttered with papers and quills, shelves lined with books and manuscripts, a writer immersed in thought or scribbling furiously, stacks of finished manuscripts awaiting publication.

Smells: The faint scent of ink and parchment, the subtle aroma of paper and leather bindings, the clean fragrance of fresh ideas taking shape.

Sounds: The scratch of quills on parchment, the rustle of turning pages, the occasional sigh of frustration or satisfaction from the writer, the hum of inspiration filling the room.


Colonial Writing Services, managed by Elizabeth Johnson, is a writing agency located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, providing colonial-era writing and editing services for businesses, individuals, and publications.

Boston Writers' Guild, led by John and Mary Parker, is a writers' collective based in Boston, Massachusetts, producing colonial literature, poetry, and essays for colonial readership.

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