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Your remote control for live comedy everywhere.

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Find local comedy everywhere.

Open mics, feature shows, festivals, and venues in 388+ cities, all linked on the WCMW Laugh Map. Claim your show's pages and edit them right from your phone on the World Comedy Mobile Web, the world's home for live comedy on the internet.

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It's the great mobile web of comedy, Baby!

Friends! Join for free now. Once we launch, you'll be able to find mics near you, list to perform, and connect with comedians on Laugh.Social. Plus, check out our daily Underground shows in the digital sphere, including exclusive mics for World Comedy Foundation volunteers. Create a free WCF account and request your invite now

Lovers! Create a free member account and get on the invite list for our public launch! Next, check out , where you can tour an example of our white label performer EPK websites, integrated with the #WCMW and editable right from your phone. And if you just can't wait, consider volunteering with us this Fall for exclusive access to the WCMW,  databases, and secret mics for volunteers only.

Movers! Hop on your city's Laugh.Social page to add yourself as a keyholder for your comedy venue. This will activate your free page so the WCF audience can find it and comedians can post to it! Share the link around! All roads lead back to the World Comedy Mobile Web.

Shakers! Get on the invite list for our public launch and join early as a volunteer to gain access to your own mic and show pages now! And wait til you see our suite of producer tools. We've got everything you need to produce your show right here. Plus riotous custom promo brought to you by RAMPANTLY.

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Think you've got what it takes to be the #WCMW point person in your town? Create your free WCF member account and then check out RAMPANTLY,  the World Comedy Foundation's volunteer network, and become apart of our global community of movers and shakers ensuring the smooth sailing of the #WCMW databases. As a volunteer, you'll also enjoy special exclusives and events as a thank-you for your ongoing contribution to the future of comedy.

Comedy Fans!
Want to watch comedy grow? Donate! Then, make sure to bookmark your local RAMPANTLY feed as your one-stop shop for all things comedy on the World Comedy Mobile Web #WCMW. And be sure to follow your local #laugh[yourcity] hashtag on Instagram and Laugh [YourCity] page on Facebook to stay tuned in to the 21st century comedy revolution!

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This is Baby. Baby identifies as a gender neutral pronoun. ʞɔᴉɥƆ


A remote control for live comedy everywhere.

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Join or die... laughing!

There's plenty more to see. Everything's clickable. So snoop around! Explore the mobile web! And be sure to create your free account now to get on the list for our official launch! 

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